Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chapter 20 ( Charlotte's web )

Wilbur, all the way to the stage was feeling happy but dizzy. Even Mrs. Zuckerman was feeling embarrassed when too many people was staring at them. Later, all of them together started to unload the pig. Avery was the busiest person of all. After getting some money, Fern races off to go on the Ferris wheel with Henry Fussy. Meanwhile, Charlotte was resting as she was feeling weaker. She could also hear every word of the announcement and began to feel that it was her hour of triumph. After Wilbur was brought up onto the stage, he felt dizzier as he was given more praise. Soon after a long time of hearing praise and clapping, Wilbur’s legs collapsed and he fell to the ground unconsciously. Seeing this, Lurvy ran for some water. Templeton who was under the straw saw this and noticed that he new the cure for this. He got hold of Wilbur’s tail and bit it as hard as he could. In a flash, he was on his feet. Soon Mr. Zuckerman was given some money and Wilbur was awarded with medal tied to his neck. A great feeling of happiness swept over everyone. Lurvy came with a pail of cold water and dashed the water Wilbur. Too bad that he missed his aim and the water splashed onto Mr. Zuckerman and Avery!! Avery started to act like a clown. He liked more than anything. At last, things calmed down. Wilbur was loaded and was soon back in his pen.


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