Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chapter 21 ( Charlotte's web )

Wilbur and Charlotte were very quiet in the pen. Templeton was asleep. Wilbur was resting after the day’s excitement and strain. Charlotte also told Wilbur that she was sure that Wilbur’s life would be saved. Later Wilbur exclaims happily that they could go back to their home as the fair is almost over. Charlotte then surprises him by saying that she would not be coming to the barn as she didn’t have the strength to lower herself into the crate. Wilbur was certain that Charlotte would not be able to go home so he decided to take her children with him. He went to Templeton and woke him up. Then he demands on what he would get for his service. Wilbur replies that if he helped him, he would always let him eat first when Lurvy slops him. The rat thinking it as a deal climbed up and caught the egg sac with his teeth. He carried it down in his mouth and handed it to Wilbur. Quickly, the rat hid himself under the straw. Wilbur thought of how to carry the eggs. Later, he discovered a way for it. He took it in his mouth and was shoved into the crate. Charlotte knew that her children were safe. Nobody of the hundreds of people knew that the spider had played the most important role of all. The next day after Wilbur and Templeton went back home, Charlotte died with no one beside her. “ How sad isn’t it!! ”


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