Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chapter 22 ( Charlotte's web )

Back in the barn, Wilbur placed Charlotte’s egg sac in a safe corner. Mr. Zuckerman took he medal from Wilbur’s neck and hung it on a nail over the pigpen so that Wilbur too could see it. Templeton was always indoors when winter came. Wilbur also kept his promise to Templeton. As a result of overeating, he is the fattest pig you ever saw! Soon it was springtime. One sunny morning, a young spider crawled out of Charlotte’s egg sac. Then all the 514 spiders were crawling around the barn. One by one the next day, they made a balloon and started sailing away. At last, one spider took time to tell him that they were going to explore their new world. Seeing all the spiders sailing away, Wilbur cried him to sleep. When he woke in the late afternoon, he saw three small webs of the doorway with each spider on each web. Later Wilbur, names them Joy, Aranea and Nellie. Soon they became the best friends ever. Wilbur never forgot Charlotte. It is not often that someone who comes along can be a true friend and a good writer but Charlotte was both. WHAT A CLEVER SPIDER!!! (CHARLOTTE)


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